HMT VersaDrive M6 x 16 Impacta Tap Set 5 Piece

15X FASTER THAN HAND TAPPING VersaDrive? ImpactaTaps make tapping holes in structural metals quick and easy. Use a standard impact wrench or impact driver to power these unique taps through metal in seconds. This bestselling starter kit contains M6, M8, M10, M12, M16 308010 ImpactaTaps plus 2 free Adapters. Impactataps can also be adapted for use in a reversible Magnet Drill, or even used with any standard Hand Tap wrench. -Fast Tapping with Minimal Kickback; Specially hardened for Impact Wrench use -Chipbreaker action for Automatic chip clearance when Impact Tapping -Unique Dual-Point Starting Angle for easy alignment and fast cut -High Grade Tool Steel with Ground Flutes for high accuracy & long life -GoldMax low-friction Titanium coating to stop heat burn out -High Strength, Non-slip Shank Design

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  • Brand: HMT
  • Product Code: 308010SET1
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  • €158.79
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