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13mm Metal Keyless Chuck with Lock 1/2" x 20 UNF

For use on electric and cordless impact drills. Carbide tipped jaw capacity 1.5 - 13mm. 1/2" x 20 ..

€24.60 Ex VAT: €20.00

3/8" Right Angle Drill Attachment with Keyless Chuck

Ideal for getting into tight places 10mm keyless chuck Ball bearing shaft support 3/8"-24 UNF spi..

€48.50 Ex VAT: €39.43

Drill Dust Collector

Fits onto the end of a drill bit and when drilling a hole will collect the dust created. Suitable f..

€4.31 Ex VAT: €3.50

Drill Powered Pump 3/4" BSP

Compatible with most standard power drills Pumps up to 1500 ltr/hour & up to 10m horizontally Acce..

€12.30 Ex VAT: €10.00

Fixtec Chuck

Milwaukee SDS chuck to suit the following. PLH30XE PLH32XE PPH26XE PLH30XE PLH30QEX..

€54.00 Ex VAT: €43.90

Flexible Drive Shaft with Keyless Chuck

Overall Length 1.1mt (44") 6mm Keyless Chuck Anti Kink Shaft Hex Shaft Size 6mm Maximum 6000rpm..

€36.90 Ex VAT: €30.00

Keyless Chuck 1/4"

Converts 1/4" hex female drive to 3 jaw chuck..

€15.38 Ex VAT: €12.50

Keyless Chuck 1/4" to 6mm Snappy

Keyless chuck that can be used in quick chucks and impact drivers to hold parallel shank drills bits..

€22.14 Ex VAT: €18.00

Pin Chuck Set

The pin chuck is a useful accessory for holding drills too small to be held by standard capacity dri..

€22.82 Ex VAT: €18.55

Right Angle Drill Attachment 10mm

3/8" Keyless Chuck One to one ratio Includes 10mm keyless chuck and a useful two position side han..

€11.69 Ex VAT: €9.50