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Other Aerosols
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Adhesive Spray 500ml

Non - Chlorinated Heavy Duty. For Fixing cloth, plastics, upholstery, cardboard etc...

€10.15 Ex VAT: €8.25

Anti-Corrosion Formula (Protects, Penetrates, Lubricates)

Prevents and deactivates corrosion on metals. Safely lubricates and penetrates mechanisms. ACF-50 ..

€24.00 Ex VAT: €19.51

Easy Free Ice 500ml

Advanced Freeze Formula Low Surface Tension Penetrates - Lubricates - Protects Easy free ice will..

€8.55 Ex VAT: €6.95

Expanding Foam Re-usable 600ml

Soudafoam confort is a one component expanding polyurethane foam. It is comfortable and very easy to..

€9.84 Ex VAT: €8.00

Expansion Foam 750ml

Quick Setting Can be Cut, Sawn and Plastered in 1 Hour Yields up to 50 Times Can Contents Fills I..

€10.89 Ex VAT: €8.85

Expansion Foam Fire Rated 750ml

Firefoam B2 is quick setting Fire Resistant for up to 2 hours. Expands on Application up to 50 tim..

€15.38 Ex VAT: €12.50

Food Safe Lube 500ml

Food Grade Food Safe Lube NSF Registered Food Safe Lube is a very high quality H1 Lubricant Spray ..

€18.02 Ex VAT: €14.65

Galvanize Spray 500ml

High Zinc content providing High Corrosion Resistance and Excellent Weld through Properties. Used i..

€10.58 Ex VAT: €8.60

Multi-Lube PTFE Spray & EP Additive 500ml

Ideal for use in a wide range of industries including electrical,moulding, transport, automotive, en..

€9.23 Ex VAT: €7.50

Silicone Spray 500ml

Colourless, Odourless non-Staining A Universal Release and Lubricating Agent which is Temperature S..

€8.00 Ex VAT: €6.50