Heat Guns

Heat Guns
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Feed Roller

For Edgebands and Welding PVC Sheeting..

€17.22 Ex VAT: €14.00

Hot Air Gun HG2310LCD 2300W 220V

Temperature: 50 - 650 Deg C. Air Flow: 150 - 5000 L/min LCD Display: in 10deg C S..

€153.75 Ex VAT: €125.00

Hot Air Gun HL1810S 1800W 110V

Steinel Temperature: 50 / 400 / 600 Deg C Air Flow: 200 / 300 / 500 L/min Settings: ..

€70.91 Ex VAT: €57.65

Hot Air Gun HL2020E 2200W 220V

Electronically controlled hot air tool 2020 E with LCD. Professional technology for shaping tiles,..

€129.15 Ex VAT: €105.00

LDPE Plastic Welding Rods 100g

For securely welding LDPE plastics Up to 250degC..

€5.54 Ex VAT: €4.50

Plastic Welding Rod ABS 100g

For securely welding ABS plastics up to 350degC..

€8.43 Ex VAT: €6.85

Plastic Welding Rods HDPE

For securely welding HDPE plastics. Up to 300degC..

€5.54 Ex VAT: €4.50

Reduction Nozzle 14mm

Pinpoint source of Hot air for De-Soldering and Welding PVC...

€8.00 Ex VAT: €6.50

Reduction Nozzle 9mm

Pinpoint Source of Hot air for de Soldering and Welding PVC..

€10.02 Ex VAT: €8.15

Surface Nozzle 75mm for Steinel Heat Guns

Spreads Air Over Wider Area for Drying, Paint Stripping etc..

€9.84 Ex VAT: €8.00

Welding Nozzle

For Working with Plastic Welding Rod up to 6mm in Diameter. Fits on 9mm Reduction Nozzle..

€11.71 Ex VAT: €9.52