Leak Detector

Leak Detector
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Leak Detection Spray 500ml

The leak detection spray is easy to use and consists of 97% pure compound, in non flammable, anti-co..

€7.87 Ex VAT: €6.50

Rocol Leak Detector Spray 300ml

Provides an Effective and Convenient Method of Identifying Positive Gas Leaks. Ultimate Plastic & C..

€21.18 Ex VAT: €17.50

SWP Crack Detection Developer 400ml

After cleaning, Spray on a thin film of Developer over application. Leave for at least 10 minutes ..

€6.66 Ex VAT: €5.50

SWP Crack Detector Cleaner 400ml

Spray on from a distance of 8-12" moving can slowely and evenly across area to ensure total coverage..

€6.66 Ex VAT: €5.50

SWP Gas Leak Detector Spray 400ml

Detection of all gas and air leaks. Apply an even coating onto the suspected area from a distance o..

€5.37 Ex VAT: €4.44

SWP Weld Crack Detection Penetrant 400ml

Parts must be at ambient temperature ftom 5 deg C to 35 deg C. Spray area under examination liberall..

€6.66 Ex VAT: €5.50