Gas Torches

Gas Torches
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100mm Torch Bend

Rothenberger P/N 3.2110 Extension Bend To Suit Torch Handles..

€23.75 Ex VAT: €19.31

Adjustable Brazing & Soldering Torch

For use with mapp or propane gas Piezo ignition for instant flame Safety lock to prevent accidenta..

€83.64 Ex VAT: €68.00

Brass Adaptor For Propane Hose

Rothenberger P/N 3.5653 Adaptor To Connect Superfire Torch to Larger Propane Tank..

€18.46 Ex VAT: €15.01

Burner Head To Suit Propane Torch

Rothenberger P/N 3.2035 Burner Head To Suit Propane Torch M14 x 1 Thread..

€36.90 Ex VAT: €30.00

Flameguard Heat Reflector

Rothenberger P/N 3.1043 Heat Deflector To Protect Scorching Walls and Skirting Boards Etc. To Suit ..

€30.58 Ex VAT: €24.86

Gas Regulator 0.5-4 bar

For use with propane gas Adjustable from 0.5-4 bar output Max input pressure 16bar Max flow 6kg/h..

€22.14 Ex VAT: €18.00

Gas Regulator for Propane Bottles

To be used on propane bottles (34 & 47 Kg bottles), Roofing torches & Plumbing torches Max inlet 0...

€36.90 Ex VAT: €30.00

Gas Regulator High Pressure Adjustable for Butane

0 - 2 Bar Type 111 For special appliance Do not use for domestic appliance..

€43.05 Ex VAT: €35.00

General Purpose Blowlamp

Easy to Use Screw on Burner Safety Checked and Test Burned Gas Refill Included..

€28.29 Ex VAT: €23.00

General Purpose Blowlamp with Auto Ignition

Easy to Use Trigger Ignition Screw on Burner Safety Checked and Test Burned Gas Refill Included..

€41.82 Ex VAT: €34.00

General Purpose Gas Refill 175G

Butane / Propane With Self Sealing Safety Valve This Cartridge should only be used on Parasene App..

€3.94 Ex VAT: €3.20

MAP-PLUS Gas Refill

Todays Tools Propane & Dimethyl Ether Mixture, For use with MAPP Torches Size= 453g..

€16.61 Ex VAT: €13.50

Mapp Gas 400g

Rothenberger P/N 3.5536 MAP/PRO Propane Mix Gas For Soldering Used wirth Rothenberger Superfire To..

€29.42 Ex VAT: €23.92

Mapp Gas Quick Pro Auto Power Torch

GoSystem Auto Propane Heating Torch Suitable For Use With Map/Butane Disposable Bottles..

€60.00 Ex VAT: €48.78

Portable Brazing & Welding Kit

Compact and portable kit provides most of the features of oxy-Aceytlene for light welding, brazing, ..

€418.20 Ex VAT: €340.00

Pro Torch with Gas

wrap around turbine flame Piezo flame On-Off trigger Anti-flare Flame adjuster..

€71.34 Ex VAT: €58.00

Propane Refill

Bernzomatic Fatboy Blue Propane479G for Map Torch..

€12.30 Ex VAT: €10.00

Propane Torch Handle

Rothenberger P/N 3.1989 Propane Torch Handle With on/off Control Valve & Economy Trigger..

€67.65 Ex VAT: €55.00

Rofire Swivel Pro Twin Blow Torch

Instant On/Off piezo ignition torch complete with 1.5mt heavy duty hose. Durable stainless steel bu..

€178.35 Ex VAT: €145.00

Roofing Gas Torch 1000mm

For torch down roofing, roofing repairs, road line burning & weed killing. Adjustable flame intensi..

€39.36 Ex VAT: €32.00

Superfire 2 Brazing Torch

Rothenberger P/N 3.5644X Soldering & Brazing Torch with Self Ignition..

€133.33 Ex VAT: €108.40

Swivel Pro Twin Burner

Twin stainless steel torch burners give added strength and increased max working temperature. Durab..

€166.05 Ex VAT: €135.00