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Drilling & Tapping Coolant 500ml

Coolant for Drilling, Tapping, Threading, Turning & Machining. Speeds up Drilling and Tapping Opera..

€9.80 Ex VAT: €8.10

GF Saw Coolant 500ml

Water soluble, fully synthetic cooling fluid. Exrends tool life of the pipe end preparation machine..

€24.20 Ex VAT: €20.00

MCC Metal Working Compound 450g

A low melting point metalworking compound for use with all metals, including the more difficult meta..

€16.88 Ex VAT: €13.95

MCT Cutting / Tapping Fluid 500ml

Metal Lube Cutting Fluid for all slow speed machining including Reaming, Tapping,Threading, Drilling..

€17.55 Ex VAT: €14.50

Moisture Guard Clear Spray 400ml

Five year indoor corrosion protective. Provides an ultra thin, pliable corrosion peotective film...

€35.24 Ex VAT: €29.12

RTD Liquid 400g

Metal Cutting Fluid which Doubles Life...

€32.07 Ex VAT: €26.50

RTD Metal Compound 500g

Metal Cutting Compound which Doubles Tool Life...

€23.47 Ex VAT: €19.40

RTD Metal Cutting Spray 300ml

Metal Cutting Lubricant which Doubles Tool Life. High Performance Lubricant for Reaming, Tapping & ..

€36.24 Ex VAT: €29.95

Sapphire Precision Lube 500ml

High Performance Lubricant with PTFE. Designed for the General Lubrication of moving Parts such as ..

€42.35 Ex VAT: €35.00

Thread Cutting Oil 5 Litres

Low Odour and Anti - Mist Formulation Maintains Workable Viscosity for Cold Weather Threading to -1..

€42.29 Ex VAT: €34.95

Thread Cutting Oil 600ml

High alloy mineral oil based thread cutting oil. Developed especially for cutting threads. Very hi..

€18.77 Ex VAT: €15.51

Thread Cutting Spray 600ml

To be used in Concentrated Form. Guarantees Continuous Threading. Extreme Endurances of Tools and H..

€23.60 Ex VAT: €19.50