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Anti Seize Compound 500g

Rocol Copper based anti-seize Zero corrosion Designed for application during assembly of all typ..

€23.55 Ex VAT: €19.15

Anti Seize Spray 400ml

High performance lubricants based on copper particles, stable in temperature ranging from -30DegC t..

€8.00 Ex VAT: €6.50

Anto Seize Spray 300ml

Seizure of fasteners presents a major inconvenience in many repair and maintenance situations, addin..

€17.84 Ex VAT: €14.50

Copper Anti-Seize Grease 500g

Copper Anti-Seize is a lead free compound for threaded connections of pipes, flanges and threaded fa..

€20.30 Ex VAT: €16.50

Multipurpose Grease Cartridge 400g

The multi purpose drease with MOS is a high quality, squeeze atable lithium soap grease with molybde..

€5.54 Ex VAT: €4.50