Wide Chisel 80 x 300mm

New Wide Chisel 80 x 300mm
Ideal for a wide range of breaking and demolition work of concrete or breeze block Convex angle designed tip for better penetration less binding and easier resharpening A strong and shock absorbing body made from premium quality alloy steel The reception is machined to precise tolerances ensuring less wear on the chisel and power tool Chamfered ends to prevent cracking and fractures The striking end is machined flat so that 100% of the blow energy is transferred to the tip Maintenance Tips: Grease the reception regularly (Milwaukee grease part no: 4932352273) Keep receptions clean from dust Do not ecxert excessive side pressure on the chisel. Do not use as a crowbar Do not store chisels outdoors at temperatures below freezing, if so chisels should be warmed before use. Rusty chisels are more likely to suffer fatigue failure

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  • Brand: Milwaukee
  • Product Code: 4932343745
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