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3 in 1 Voltage Tester Silverline

3 in 1 Voltage Tester

Indicates voltage range 110-150, 220-330 & 380-500V AC Determines if cables are live Helps trace faults 760mm cable


Digital Multimete AC & DC Silverline

Digital Multimete AC & DC

Measures AC & DC voltages (2 AC ranges max 600V, 5 DC ranges max 600V) Current (5 DC ranges up to 10A), Resistance (5 ranges up to 2000k Ohms)...


Digital Multimeter AC & DC Silverline

Digital Multimeter AC & DC

Checks continuity (with buzzer), diodes & NPN/PNP transistors Voltage: AC 200-750V, DC 0-5A DC current 0-10A, resistance 200-2000K ohms, hfe...