Other Aerosols

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Adhesive Spray 500ml Specialised Aero

Adhesive Spray 500ml

Non - Chlorinated Heavy Duty. For Fixing cloth, plastics, upholstery, cardboard etc.


Anti-Corrosion Formula (Protects, Penetrates, Lubricates) ACF-50

Anti-Corrosion Formula (Protects, Penetrates, Lubricates)

Prevents and deactivates corrosion on metals. Safely lubricates and penetrates mechanisms. ACF-50 meets aviation standards which means it is approved...


Brake Cleaner Spray 500ml Ruko

Brake Cleaner Spray 500ml

Intensive quick cleaner, residue-free and rapid evaporation, for cleaning and degreasing mechanical parts on vehicles such as clutches, startes,...


Easy Free Ice 500ml Specialised Aero

Easy Free Ice 500ml

Advanced Freeze Formula Low Surface Tension Penetrates - Lubricates - Protects Easy free ice will instantly freeze rusted parts to -21 deg C cracking...


Electrical Degreaser 500ml Specialised Aero

Electrical Degreaser 500ml

Electrical degreaser is a highly efficient general purpose cleaning solvent. It is ideal for thr removal of stains, coatings, printing inks, deposits...


Expanding Foam Re-usable 600ml Soudal

Expanding Foam Re-usable 600ml

Soudafoam confort is a one component expanding polyurethane foam. It is comfortable and very easy to use and is fully re-usable due to Soudal's...


Expansion Foam 750ml Everbuild

Expansion Foam 750ml

Quick Setting Can be Cut, Sawn and Plastered in 1 Hour Yields up to 50 Times Can Contents Fills Irregular Gaps Fixes Framework Insulates and Sound...


Expansion Foam Fire Rated 750ml Everbuild

Expansion Foam Fire Rated 750ml

Firefoam B2 is quick setting Fire Resistant for up to 2 hours. Expands on Application up to 50 times the can contents. Areas of use: Gaps Around...


Food Safe Lube 500ml Specialised Aero

Food Safe Lube 500ml

Food Grade Food Safe Lube NSF Registered Food Safe Lube is a very high quality H1 Lubricant Spray Formulated using FDA Listed Ingredients and is...


Galvanize Spray 500ml Specialised Aero

Galvanize Spray 500ml

High Zinc content providing High Corrosion Resistance and Excellent Weld through Properties. Used in Production, Maintenance and Construction...