3.2mm Supercast Welding Electrode 32 Rods / 1kg


Length of Electrode 305mm
Minimum Amps 50 / Maximum Amps 90
A Manual Metal ARC Electrode Designed for the Repair, Fabrication and Reclamation of Cast Iron Components and Dissimilar Joint Welding between Cast Iron and Steel.
Supercast is produced on a Nickel Core Wire and gives a Fully Machinable Weld Deposit.
The Electrode is ideal for the Fast and Economical Welding of Thick Section Cast Iron and the Surfacing of Large areas.
Supercast is suitable for Repairing and Fabricating Grey Cast Iron and Malleable (Blackheart) Iron Components and for the joining of these to mild Steel and Carbon Manganese Steels.
The Electrode is suitable for the Surfacing of Large Areas of Worn Components and the Rectification of Machining errors.
Suitable for use with AC and DC+.

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  • Model: PSCAST32
  • Manufactured by: Oerlikon